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Netbook vs. Tablet

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I have always been a Mac User since 1999 and I am very pleased with their products. When the iMac core 2 just came out, it was a little bit pricey but I know I will get great and powerful processor. I never have any problem with the iMac. In fact, I prefer using iMac than my Macbook Pro as the screen is bigger and it is more sturdy. So I only use my Macbook Pro when I travel. I am very happy with iMac and would recommend to anyone.

I am a college student looking for a something small to take to class with me that I could use to access the internet and run Microsoft Word. I'm not really too concerned about any other features, as I have a large laptop computer that I plan to primarily use. Like I said, I really just need something small and light that I can bring to class. Any computer experts out there want to weigh in on the benefits of a netbook, tablet, or maybe even an iPad. Recommendations of specific brands/models would be especially appreciated. Thanks!

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I never used an Apple device. It is too pricey for me, I only used Android devices, and even Windows Computer as my main system. I grew up using those devices so I don't bother to try Apple or any alternative. For me, familiarity to the product is the main criteria for me when I purchase something. With my Windows PC I know how to navigate, troubleshoot and sometimes download software. I just need the source link and it is good to go.

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