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Cleaning fan in laptop

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I have always been a Mac User since 1999 and I am very pleased with their products. When the iMac core 2 just came out, it was a little bit pricey but I know I will get great and powerful processor. I never have any problem with the iMac. In fact, I prefer using iMac than my Macbook Pro as the screen is bigger and it is more sturdy. So I only use my Macbook Pro when I travel. I am very happy with iMac and would recommend to anyone.

I have a Toshiba Qosmio x305 gaming laptop and i was wondering if anyone out there had a link to a page or video on how to get to the internal fans. I think it needs a good cleaning. It recently started getting soo hot that it shuts itself off even when i have it on a cooling pad. I have had to start placing a couple of books under both edges of it to lift it up off the table and place a desk fan behind it blowing a constant stream of air across the back and under the laptop to keep it cool enough to play skyrim. Do you think dust build up is the problem or that the new games coming out are just taxing they system almost to its limit causing excess heat build up? I know it getting outdated fast but still manages meet the minimum requirements of everything I play.

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